When will it be ready?


IT’S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Available to order on :



soon also on Amazon Italy and Germany




Beta tester sent their report and so far so good, you can follow updates here on Facebook

So I launched the production for the larger batch of Kheper 3, then it will be on Amanzon UK, FR, GE on the 10/06/16.



We just released the Android version of our app for our 10 beta testers  please download the APK here and open it on in your android device

Here is a little video of what it does. Also this is a beta probably with a few bugs please don’t hesitate to send me you bug reports.


It’s here! The first 10 units have been sent to the beta testers across Europe, here below you are seeing what is in the box: Kheper v3, a micro USB cable and a keychain screwdiver (that is handy to change the setting manually on the coding wheel).

Let me also summarize the new features:

-Improved spark power
-Quick selection wheels for 11 presets
-Programmable Revolution limiter
-3 Programmable curve via USB or Bluetooth (75 points)
-Full web editor
-Android app for live adjustment (ios is coming later)

Commercial version should be ready to pre-order on Amazon UK this week!


A quick update for you, the factory in France that will producing Kheper is ready (see the article here) and waiting for the plastic casing to arrive from India (the only part that is too expensive to make in Europe), the parts should arrive end of this week and another week to produce the first batch and another week to dispatch the sample units so by 23/03/16 we should be able to dispatch the first 10 samples to the selected beta testers. I know this is behind the original schedule but a miss calculation of 1/2 a millimeter forced us to rework the mold and delaying the all production chain.

Also note that I’ve updated the online editor so know you can move the points using the keyboard for more precision.

on the smartphone app side, in the next days we published the source code of the android app and how to interface via bluetooth to the Kheper using AT commands, so if there are any Android devlopper around you are welcome to fork the project on GIT and also be welcome if you want to make an IOS version as we did not yet start the job.






First of all, Happy New Year! Here is the new updated schedule, the first 10 samples will be sent out end of January 2016 for those of you who are on the list. For the others, I expect it to be ready to be shipped via Amazon at the end of February 2016.

I know it is a long process, but the whole idea of this project is that it is first a learning experience for me, so all conception from the casing, the electronics, the website is done in-house. The advantage for you is that such a product would have cost hundreds of thousands of euros for a classic company to develop, and as this market is quite small I don’t believe that the investment would have made any sense for a “normal” company.

So here’s where we are now: the electronics and mechanical design are now finished and tested. Also I have already found somebody in France to make it for me. I want to make it in France first to support our economy and bring back some manufacturing to Europe but also to be able to guarantee a high level of quality.

For the Kheper V3, I have invested in an injection mold. Although the initial cost is quite high, the unit price is low. I made the design myself and then printed each possible model on my 3D printer, I literally printed more than 50 different models before deciding on the perfect one to produce. I made a little animation of some of the objects I made, ending with the last one that will be the final product:


Also here’s what will be included in the box:














Note that the screw driver key chain included could be useful to change the coding wheel settings:
















Then I chose a fancy usb cable that glows in the dark. It looks very cool:



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