Some of the frequently asked questions here:

My Kheper seems to not go above 6000rpm just like a revolution limiter, what should I do?

Kheper is a bit more sensitive to hall sensor misalignment, Julian S. is sharing with us his fix:

“This afternoon I was able to fix the fault on the original stator by lowering the pickup by approximately 1.3mm, just by bending the metal laminates lower. I have also read that it is possible to remove some laminates if needed.”

It is also possible to place you stator hall sensor higher by adding a simple washer under the sensor screw.


I am trying to upgrade my kheper but i have the message “not enough space on drive” when tying to copy the file, what should I do?

Sometime some operating system are adding some files on the kheper drive saturating its memory. To solve this just format the kheper drive, on windows right click on the drive then click on format, format with the default options. If you were in the middle of on upgrade , restart from step 1

Is kheper waterproof?
So behind the white plastic part all the electronic is immersed in the epoxy resin to isolate it from water projections, nevertheless if you would like to improve the waterproofing of the product you could probably fit on the emarket som rubber caps:


How could I know what is the active curve in the mobile App?
-In the app on the bottom left corner you have the active curve. Also:
The Selection of the curve can be done by the physical Wheel from 0 to E OR by software 1 to 3 (by clicking on the 1,2,3 button, the selection will become highlighted in red. The last change wheel or software selection will be recorded and be used for your next engine starup. Let us know if you would like to have something different.

In the app, what is the + and – button?
-The + and – allow to add or remove some delay to the all curve (offset) this offset is not persistant meaning that you will be back to your original curve value when you restart your engine. THis is used to experiment while the engine is ON.

At hign rpm I have my engine missing cylce or stopping
Check that your cable isolation, sometime this is due to 2 cables touching on the cdi connection.
Also check your sparkplug cable isolation as Kheper produces more voltage than a normal CDI a damage cable could be the problem.

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