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So you just bought a Kheper v3 unit and you want to know how to use it? This little tutorial is made you. Kheper V3 is a CDI device that controls the exact timing when to trigger the spark according to a user defined profile (called here curves). Prerequist: 1-Check that you scooter is compatible here Is it compatible with my scooter?   You have 2 different ways to load to define the curve you want : LEVEL 1: The plug and play experience:

  • Just use the selection wheel (next to the USB, turn it with the little included screwdriver) to select your scooter model as following : 4-PX125, 5-PX200, 6-PK-ET3, 7-V.TRONiC, 8-Lambretta, 9-MOD, A to E-Race.

  • Please check that you stator is at the position and get more detail about presets herer :

How to use presets?   OR LEVEL 2: The expert tuning mode: More details here: How to edit a curve? capture_editor   If you want to be able to customize your ignition profile using USB, here what you have to do:

1-Go to and edit curve 1, 2, 3 to your needs. This only works with IE, Firefow and Chrome, NO support for Safari.

2-Once your done with the editing click on “Download” at the bottom of the page, it will download a file named “kheper3.csv”. Drag and drop the file on the kheper drive (the selection wheel have to be in ‘F’ position)

3-Unplug and plug the USB for at least 5 seconds, if it worked you should have now a file “sucess.txt” on the drive You now have curve 1, 2, 3 loaded with your presets (presets for 4 to E are still available), to use it just select the selection wheel to 1, 2 or 3. You can also use the smartphone app the do the selection and even to load ignition profiles without plugging the USB. If you want to save you setting on “Sign In” for an account and “save”

This is the ANdroid and IOS application to install:


Now that your Kheper V3 is programmed you can install it on your scooter: Left to right you have to connect the colors to Kheper in the following order: White (ground) – Red (pickup) – Green 1 (Alternator) – Green 2 (Alternator) You can connect the green wire to Green 1 or Green 2 this is the same as they are internally connected together.:

Remember that as your motor will reach higher RPM, you would like to increase your carburetor jets by a few points. I also recommend that you check your exact stator initial position using a stroboscopic lamp.

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  • Hi! I’m one of the betta testers. I spent quite a long time drawing a curve for my scoot, just to find that my account doesen’t exist now that I wanted to download it to the CDI.
    What happened? How can I recover my curves?

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