Android App

This page is outdated, the android current app is here:

Here is the precompiled Android APK to install open this link with your Android phone:

What is new in V0407? Mostly the user interface :

-Blue arrows to select a Curve from 0 to E

-Once slected you have to validate by pressing the green button (between the arrows)

– The + en – buttons are used to add some delay to all the current present, note that this delay will not be persistent once the engine restarts.

Known bugs: Still many but we are getting there 🙂


For those Android devlopers who like to modify (fork) the project we published our source code on GITHUB here, this will allow App developpers to make their own application. This example illustrates how the smartphone talk to the Kheper3 device using AT commands thru bluetooth.

If you have any question please ask them on that page.


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