Android App

This page is outdated, the android current app is here: Here is the precompiled Android APK to install open this link with your Android phone: What is new in V0407? Mostly the user interface : -Blue arrows to select a Curve from 0 to E -Once slected you have to validate by pressing the green button[…]

Getting Started

So you just bought a Kheper v3 unit and you want to know how to use it? This little tutorial is made you. Kheper V3 is a CDI device that controls the exact timing when to trigger the spark according to a user defined profile (called here curves). Prerequist: 1-Check that you scooter is compatible[…]

Made in France

I see this project as the opportunity to experiment both cutting edge technology and try new things that a company with financial pressure and overhead will not dare to try. But It’s not only about choosing the right elecrtonic component and technology but also how you will be producing it to make it right. So I want to try[…]


Some of the frequently asked questions here: My Kheper seems to not go above 6000rpm just like a revolution limiter, what should I do? Kheper is a bit more sensitive to hall sensor misalignment, Julian S. is sharing with us his fix: “This afternoon I was able to fix the fault on the original stator by lowering[…]

How to use presets?

If you want a quick start with Kheper3 you can use our prests settings that cover most standard scooter models. Note that you will have to change your stator position to the indicated position, if you are not familiar with this procedure I encourage you to look at this websites: scoterhelp You will select the curve with[…]